Please submit a new request for each item with a limit of five items.

Consignment Appraisals by Photograph
We thank you for your interest in consigning your property with Bonhams & Butterfields. Due to the large number of consignment appraisal requests we receive, our specialists are unable to answer each inquiry as personally as they might prefer. If your property meets our minimum consignment requirement we will send you a personalized complimentary auction estimate and property description. You may upload up to 5 jpeg images per submission and the total image size should not exceed 2MB. Clear photographs of each individual item, including dimensions and other pertinent information is expected.

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In order to arrive at the most accurate estimate, please fill out the following information regarding artist/maker, title, age, medium, dimensions, signatures or markings, condition and provenance (history).

1. Description
Please provide a brief description of the item you wish to have appraised (including any title, artist/maker, or other descriptive information).

2. Medium/Materials
Please describe the medium or material(s) used in the piece (e.g., oil or watercolor painting, oak or maple table, porcelain or earthenware plate, etc.).

3. Dimensions
What are the dimensions (inches, feet, centimeters)? Measure height x width (x depth, if applicable). If a painting or print, please exclude the frame size.

4. Signature/Date
Is there a signature, date, or any kind of markings? If so, please describe (if partial or unreadable, put what you can decipher or take a clear photo).

5. Condition
In what condition is the property? Describe any damage or wear (tears, stains, holes, cracks, dents, etc.). Is there any evidence of repair or restoration?

6. Provenance
What is the provenance/history of the piece? Where did you obtain it (inherited, original owner, purchased from antique store/auction house/dealer)?

7. Additional Comments
Please include any additional comments about the item you wish to have appraised.

Please submit a new request for each item.

If you prefer to mail in your entry, print out the information you have and send it with high-quality photographic prints to:

Bonhams & Butterfields
Attn: Photo Appraisals
220 San Bruno Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94103